Title: Meditation: Air Father
Characters: Janan Jasper/Andalrien Goldenstar/Guardian Starlove
Word Count: 180
Rating: A
Summary: Dealing with the four elements and their Guardians.
Author's Notes: A series of four short fics centered around an element and a Guardian.

She climbed the long flight of stairs until she reached the top of the hill. At the top, she paused briefly to admire the scenery. It was one of her rare breaks from being an idol and she was going to make the most out of it. The area around her was mostly sandy and rocky outcroppings with some areas of grass off in the distance. She looked around her. The hill she was on was the tallest thing in sight. She could see her assistant and bodyguard off to the side looking nervous. She fought the urge to laugh as she tugged on the harness. As if something bad could ever happen to her in this particular pass time. Not that she could ever reassure the perpetually nervous man.

A gust of wind picked up, tugging at the canopy attached to the harness. She ran forward, allowing the canopy to soar upwards with the wind, carrying her with it over the sandy landscape.

Of all of the places I’ve done this, Nevada is the best place for hang gliding.