Title: Meditation: Brother Fire
Characters: Ember Dragon/Jalon’g ii Kantahar/Guardian Starfire
Word Count: 307
Rating: A
Summary: Dealing with the four elements and their Guardians.
Author's Notes: A series of four short fics centered around an element and a Guardian. This one in particular takes place during Ember’s recuperation period after the events of Stars of destiny: Eternal Act 04 and before Ari and Kousi show up in Act 05.

The apartment was silent, deathly silent, with all of its other occupants away at school. It felt very strange to be alone. Normally, Ember didn’t mind being alone, but this was a strange planet with stranger people. It couldn’t be more different from her desert covered home planet of Nomaie if it tried. She was cold most of the time and things always seemed too dark to eyes that were accustomed to the punishing, merciless light of the sun reflecting off the endless tracks of sand dunes.

She got up out of her bed and slowly made her way over to her desk. Sitting in a brass candle holder was a single dark red candle. Beside it was a lighter. Under normal circumstances, she would have just called fire to it with her senshi powers, but as weak as she was from her recent injuries she deemed that to be a bad idea. Picking up the cheap little lighter, she lit the candle, inhaling the scent of the smoke, watching the fire dance on the wick.

Ember stared deep into the heart of the tiny flame, letting her mind unfocus and wander. She allowed herself to be absorbed completely in the fire’s light. I call on you, spirit of the flame, fire brother.

The flames leaped higher until they were three finger lengths tall. Spirit of the elements, I beg you. Help me regain my health. I am of no use to you in my current state. She sat, staring at the flame until it surged brightly again and shrank to its original size. Her eyes began to get heavy. Feeling that sleep was going to get her sooner rather than later, she extinguished the candle with words of gratitude and crawled back into bed, feeling certain that she would feel better when she woke up again.