Title: Meditation: Water Sister
Characters: Serenity McNamera/Wavesong of Dragon Cove/Guardian Starsinger
Word Count: 340
Rating: A
Summary: Dealing with the four elements and their Guardians.
Author's Notes: A series of four short fics centered around an element and a Guardian.

The pool was generally empty at this time of the night no matter what day of the week it was. Unsurprisingly, tonight was no exception. Serenity floated on her back in the deep end of the local swimming pool. The only lifeguard on duty knew her well from her frequent visits. She was in her office, but stuck her head out every so often to see how Serenity was doing. If her ears hadn’t been beneath the water’s surface, she would have been able to hear that lifeguard talking on the phone to her boyfriend. All she could hear was the sounds of the water. To most people, water had no sound when you were beneath its surface, but to one who was in tune with its breath, its life and its heartbeat, it sang more beautifully than the loveliest song, had more life than a thousand people, and was more complex than the most difficult math problem. It was the music of life, the song that penetrated the stars themselves, and the element that allowed life to continue. If you believed Earth’s scientists, all life on the planet originated from the oceans billions of years ago.

Silly humans, she thought to herself as she allowed her body to sink beneath the surface. If only they knew how life truly came to be.

Serenity was especially proud of her ability to hold her breath for extended periods of time, but even she had her limits. Her gifts as water Guardian failed in this chlorinated environment. Her lungs couldn’t process the chemical, so she was forced to treat a pool the same way the humans did. She broke the surface to take a breath before diving down again. Her daily swims revitalized her more than a simple shower or bath did, though both of those would do in a pinch. She only wished that it was feasible to go to the ocean more often.

Maybe next week, she thought to herself as she climbed out and headed for the locker room.