Title: Hurt
Characters: EmberDragon/Jalon’g ii Kantahar/Guardian Starfire
Word Count: 286
Rating: A
Summary: Ember reflects on her missing love.

Ember sat alone on a bench in the girls change room at school. They’d just finished practicing for the marathon that was scheduled to happen in three days. The other girls were still in the showers, complaining about the length of the run and discussing ways of getting out of the run. Those solutions ranged from the not quite feasible to the out right ludicrous. She shook her head and finished putting her in door shoes back on. That day, she was wearing loose blue jeans and a red tank top. She was tying the laces of her left shoe when the ring she wore on her ring finger caught her eye. Her heart lurched in her chest as it always did when she saw it. It had been years since the one who had given it to her had been killed but the pain was just as fresh as it had been on the day it happened.

One glance at the blood red stone that pulsed in time to her own heartbeat, set in to the center of the silver rose on the silver band, was enough to make her ache with longing for her deceased boyfriend. She fought the tears that inevitably followed the clenching of her heart, knowing that the other girls would ask uncomfortable questions if they saw her acting so much like a regular girl.

She stood and rubbed her eyes, opening her locker and putting her gym clothes back in. She left the locker room and headed back up the classroom to get her lunch and wait for Serenity, Hunter, and Ari. One of these days, that will start hurting less than it does, she thought miserably.