Title: Being and Idol
Characters: Jasper Janan/Andalrien Goldenstar/Guardian Starlove, anonymous interviewer guy
Word Count: 414
Rating: A
Summary: Janan talks about being an idol in an interview.
Author's Notes: This takes place in Stars of Destiny: Infinity after Janan discovers that she’s a Guardian.

“If one wants to be an idol, there are things that you must always remember. If you want to have any kind of success as an idol, these things must become a part of who you are. An idol needs to always be smiling on the outside even if they want to cry on the inside. Even if you’re doing something distasteful or something you don’t want to do, keep on smiling for the camera.”

The interviewer nodded. “What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?”

Janan thought about that. “There was one time, when I first started out as a model, where I had to wear this really revealing bikini. I continuously had to adjust it to keep from popping out of it. It was also really cold on the set from the wind machines they were using.”

“What else have you learned as an idol?”

“Work isn’t necessarily over when the clock says it’s time to go home. There are times when a photographer is just getting warmed up when the time runs out. There was a time once when I was shooting a scene in a movie. It was time to pack it up for the day but my fellow cast members and I felt that we needed to keep going, that we hadn’t done all we could do with that scene. It took us another two hours to accomplish what we felt we had to do. If you’ve seen the movie Lover’s Leap, you’ll appreciate the work we did on the second love scene. If we hadn’t stayed that day, the movie might not have had the impact that it does.”

The interviewer nodded, smiling. “That’s one of your best works to date,” he agreed. “Sadly, that’s all the time we have for today. Thank you for joining us in the studio today, Jasper-san.”

In her bedroom later that evening, Janan stared into the mirror. Outwardly smiling. Always smiling. I smile so much that I wonder if it’s possible for me to ever have a normal range of facial expressions again. On the outside, I’m an idol. I’m popular and loved by thousands, maybe even millions of people. But my outside is false. I have to show a fake face to the world, for no one would really understand if they knew me. The real me. She touched the mirror’s smooth, cold surface. This reflection isn’t me. Will I ever get to show my true face to the world?