Title: The Water Guardian
Characters: Serenity McNamera/Wavesong of Dragon Cove /Guardian Starsinger
Word Count: 353
Rating: A
Summary: Serenity’s musings.
Author's Notes: This takes place during Stars of Destiny: Eternal prior to Act 07.

It’s not always easy being part of a team. Sure, there are advantages to being on one. First of all, you’re not alone. There are other people that you can rely on, that can help you. Secondly, these people understand you, accept you. On the other hand, it’s still hard. While your teammates will help you and support you, you have to learn to trust these people with your life, with your secrets. It’s hard to smile on the outside while on the inside you’re hiding something, something that you don’t want anyone else to know.

It’s a little ridiculous if you think about it. These girls are my closest friends. Actually, that’s not entirely true. They’re the only friends I have. More like sisters, really. They say it’s lonely at the top and the only thing more at the top than a princess who is also a senshi is a queen who is also a senshi. Fortunately, my mother is in excellent health, so I have no need to worry about that just yet. It’s hard enough as it is, being me.

Being transplanted from my home to go off in search of the Joudo Tengoku, find our missing friend and fellow Guardian. This is our mission. I have two of my friends with me, yet I feel so alone. Hunter has her pet wolf. Ember has Kousei even though it was due to a lost bet. As for me? I’m utterly alone. Oh, Hunter is alright, but Ari wouldn’t really understand anything I have to say.

Andalrien. Where are you? Deep inside, I feel we’ll find you soon. I only hope that it isn’t too late.