Name: Hana Dawson
Gender: female
Age: 16
Birthday: March 19
Blood Type: B+
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Appearance: She’s 5’6’’ and weighs 130 lbs. She has black hair and light brown eyes. She has darker skin as she is of Dominican descent. Most often, her hair is tied back in a ponytail tied with some kind of designer clip.
Clothing style: Hana wears light blue jeans and thick strapped tank tops as she hates it when he bra strap shows. She prefers jeans that are tight around the hips and loose around her legs. Her favorite pair are denim cargo pants. She occasionally wears button up long sleeved shirts over the tank tops, but they are never buttoned up. For shoes, she likes to wear high heeled boots of varying types.
Personality: Hana is very restless and impatient. She’s a go-getter and hates having to sit still. School bores her. She’s a very passionate person, but her passion is different from Dionne’s. Hers is more of a fiery, raging passion that gets in everyone’s face. She’s very emotional and doesn’t mask how she’s feeling. Everything she feels is visible on her face.
Strengths: physical activity
Weaknesses: studying
Family: parents, one older brother (attends Rising Star University College and doesn’t live at home anymore)
School: For most of her time in school, she went to Ching Tu Private School, but transferred to Tir na Nog junior high in the ninth grade as she was bored with the private school. Later, she progressed into Elysium Valley High.
History: Hana is the younger of two siblings born to one of the wealthiest families in Elysium Valley. Her family originates from the Dominican Republic.

Food: donairs (can be eaten while walking around)
Gemstone: Stilbite (vibrations of joy and love.)
Flower: Gladiolus (strength of character)
Color: orange (vitality with endurance)
Activities: anything physical and outdoors (especially skating, skiing and basketball)

Food: mashed potatoes (the texture is just nasty)
Gemstone: Galena (Soul-retrieval, past life recall stone)
Flower: Cosmos (peaceful)
Color: teal (life, youth, spirituality, well being)
Activities: school (all that sitting still in a chair drives her crazy)

Code Name: Pyre
Primary Color: purple
Secondary Color: red
Power Type: Fire

Name of Power: Phoenix Fire Ignite
Power Type:

Name of Power: Eternity Bonfire Burning
Power Type: