Name: Malika Ryuuyami
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: June
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac Sign:
Appearance: Malika, despite her Japanese name is part Japanese, part African. Her skin tone is dark brown with black hair. Her hair is always kept up in a ponytail with two short strands of bangs falling in front of her ears.
Clothing style:
Personality: Malika is not an overly nice person. She’s very snobbish and doesn’t like to associate with those she considers lower than herself, which is practically everyone she’s ever met.
Strengths: stubbornness
Weaknesses: physical confrontations and actual fighting, showing kindness
Family: mother (African), father (Japanese), younger brother
Guardian: Astarte (female, cream colored cat)

Food: vegetables (very healthy)
Gemstone: obsidian
Flower: black lily (rare and beautiful)
Color: pink, yellow, white
Activities: designing clothes, tormenting those weaker than herself, shopping, watching the sunset

Food: yogurt and jelly doughnuts (Yogurt has a funny taste and jelly doughnuts just leak and get all over her clothes and hands)
Flower: tiger lily (it’s ugly)
Color: dark colours
Activities: anything with numbers

Code Name: Polaris
Primary Color: dark purple
Secondary Color: lavender
Power Type: temperature

Home world: Shandilar in orbit around Polaris
Species: Rotilian
Original name: Killia'yegai
Description of species: Dark skinned and humanoid, but with elongated ears, fanged teeth, and glassy eyes. They don't see much in the way of colour.

Name of Power: North Star Freezing
Power Type:

Name of Power: North Star Smash
Power Type:

Name of Power: Flaming Star Shower
Power Type: