Name: Kouhai Insei
Meaning: Destiny Falling star
Gender: female
Age: 19
Birthday: January 20
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign:
Appearance: At 5’4’’ and 120 lbs, Insei isn’t the most physically imposing person. Her brown eyes are happy enough though. Her black hair is shoulder length and she tends to wear it loose.
Clothing style: She dresses like a grease monkey most of the time.
Personality: Insei is very fierce and competitive. She pushes to get her own way at things and rarely doesn’t get what she wants. Despite her outward Grease Monkey appearance, she has a weakness for nice clothes, even though she rarely buys any. If she can’t wear it while working on her cousin’s car, why should she have it? She fears going blind and dislikes girly, lacey things.
Strengths: go-getter attitude
Weaknesses: Pretty boys, nice clothes, concentrating on things around pretty boys
Family: Grandfather, cousin Kinrei
School: completed High School
Spirit Guardian: Moon

Food: Sauce Katsu
Gemstone: Green onyx (helps you to move forward)
Flower: Plum blossoms (winter, virtue, courage)
Color: green, blue
Activities: fixing cars, teddy bears

Food: Indian curry
Gemstone: sunstone
Flower: Belladonna lilies
Color: Vermillion
Activities: English class,

Code Name: Orion
Primary Color: cyan
Secondary Color: blue
Power Type: air/ice
Weapon: Celestial Bow

Home world: Nagrell in orbit around Betelgeuse
Species: Nagreshh
Original name: Greyshian
Description of species: They look human on the surface, but their eyes are solidly coloured.

Name of Power: Dust Storm
Power Type:
Description: Kicks up a whirlwind of dirt that batters at her enemy. Her strength and level of power will determine the size, strength and number of whirlwinds. At a high level of power, a large whirlwind would be able to pick her target up off the ground

Name of Power: Ice Spear
Power Type:
Description: Sends either a shower of ice shards or a large shard at her target.<

Name of Power: Nebula Blast
Power Type:
Description: A swirl of icy cold wind and blinding light batters at the enemy

Name of Power:
Power Type: