Name: Natsuno Kinrei
Meaning: Summer Gold soul
Gender: male
Age: 20
Birthday: April 15
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Appearance: 6’1’’, 180 lbs with dark skin and golden brown eyes beneath unkempt pale blue hair.
Clothing style:
Personality: Kinrei is a very calm and composed individual and is easy to rely on. He dislikes bad drivers.
Strengths: reliable, steady
Weaknesses: Thinks too much, making complex decisions
Family: Grandfather, cousin Insei
School: completed high school
Guardian: Moon

Food: all
Gemstone: bloodstone (takes away negativity and sadness)
Flower: Hyacinth (prudence)
Color: green, silver
Activities: driving, racing,

Food: none
Flower: baby’s breath
Color: yellow
Activities: making decisions, dressing up

Code Name: Hydra
Primary Color: green
Secondary Color: gold
Power Type: water/earthquakes
Weapon: Cat o’ nine tails

Home world: Drushkilion in orbit around Alphard
Species: Hydraeus
Original name: Oushubanturit-thandjulinshu (Oshu for short)
Description of species: Grey skinned with eight tails and fanned ears. Pupils are slit like a cat's and coloured. Iris is white and the whites of the eyes are black.

Name of Power: Serpent Eyes
Power Type:
Description: This immobilizes anyone looking right at his eyes. The instant eye contact is broken, the person is free. He can hold up to three people at once, depending on his energy level.

Name of Power: Earth Slam
Power Type:
Description: The ground rises up and covers the target.

Name of Power: Earth Serpent Crush
Power Type:
Description: a two headed snake made of earth rises up and wraps around the target.

Name of Power:
Power Type: