Name: Dione Archer
Gender: female
Age: 16
Birthday: November 29
Blood Type: A-
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Appearance: Dionne has straight brown hair that falls just past her shoulder blades. She wears it either down or in a thick French Braid. Her eyes are a deep green. She’s 5’5’’ and weighs about 136 lbs.
Clothing style: She likes to wear long skirts, blouses and vests because they’re comfortable. She can wear it while doing almost anything. She also has an arrowhead-shaped pendant attached to a leather strap around her wrist.
Personality: Dionne is very personable. She gets along with nearly everyone. She’s very open and optimistic. She’s the kind of person who wears their heart on their sleeve. She’s very passionate about everything she does and will stick up for her friends no matter what.
Strengths: Optimist. Things can always get better. Extrovert. She likes people. She loves to learn, so she’s a bit of a bookworm. As such, she has a fairly wide knowledge base.
Weaknesses: sweet foods
Family: parents, brother Allen, maternal Grandmother (Adelaide Forester)
School: Elysium Valley High School

Food: cake, Earl Grey Tea (always starts her mornings with a cup of it)
Gemstone: Chrysoberyl (assist one in striving for excellence, bring peace of mind, increased self-confidence, enhances the healing properties of other stones, treat disorders of the pancreas, liver and kidneys, facilitates out-of-body journeys)
Flower: Passion flower (passion)
Color: green (improve vision; stability and endurance, growth and hope), yellow (Yellow is the symbol of mind, intellect, high intelligence, wisdom, the mental plane. It has a positive, magnetic vibration that has a tonic effect on the nerves. Yellow is the great equalizer for irritable conditions of the nervous system. For healing, yellow carries the power to cure diabetes and constipation.)
Activities: karaoke (she likes to sing), making snowmen (it’s god fun), reading (she’s a bookworm and loves learning)

Food: beef (she likes cows and hates eating them)
Gemstone: red rutilated quartz (she doesn’t like how it looks)
Flower: Amaryllis (dramatic)
Color: Indigo (intuition, meditation, deep contemplation)
Activities: dancing (she’s not very coordinated), scary movies (she gets nightmares easily), getting up early

Code Name: Archer
Primary Color: yellow
Secondary Color: vibrant green
Power Type: Light


Name of Power: Golden Arrow Flash
Power Type:
Description: energy

Name of Power: Blazing Arrow Barrage
Power Type:

Name of Power: Rose Petal Cyclone
Power Type:

Name of Power: Eternal Light Therapy Arrow
Power Type:

Name of Power: Infinite Angel Heart Ache
Power Type: