Within each of us there is a light in our soul that glows brighter than any sun, brighter than anything known to man. That light, like any other, can over time die, grow dim, become dark, or grow brighter than it was before. What happens to our light is ultimately up to us. Some of those born with the purest light never know that it exists within them. They go about their lives without the knowledge of this potential within them; therefore, their light grows dimmer over time. Others with this light grow corrupt, their light getting darker.

But there are those with this light that discover it and learn to use it to defend their homes and their friends. These people are called Sehashi. It is a word that is both the singular and plural form in one of the most ancient languages in the galaxy and means ‘shinning light’. These warriors protect their homes from the forces of Chaos.

Guided and trained by the spirits of sehashi warriors that have gone before them, these warriors of the shinning light have guarded and protected the galaxy for eons.

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May 7: A few bios have been updated and other have been added.
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March 13: Welcome to the new version of the site for the 'SoD' series. Please feel free to drop me a line at purenightshade@gmail.com if you find something that isn't working right.

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March 03: I started thinking to myself yesterday about just how long I've been working on various things. Most of them I have rough guesses for, but 'Stars of Destiny' is one that I just couldn't quite pin down. I had some time on my hands at work today so I went looking at my files. I started work on this project back in 2002, making this nearly 15 years old. I say nearly as its official birthday is most likely sometime this summer or fall. In any event, that's huge! It's come such a long way since the original incarnation of the story and the universe has expanded so much in that time. I'm going to be doing various things to celebrate this pretty much all year. If you're super lucky you may even get hints about the in progress book 3. There'll be art, fun information about the origins of the project, character trivia, contests with awesome prizes, and loads of neat things over the year. This is going to be awesome!