Within each of us there is a light in our soul that glows brighter than any sun, brighter than anything known to man. That light, like any other, can over time die, grow dim, become dark, or grow brighter than it was before. What happens to our light is ultimately up to us. Some of those born with the purest light never know that it exists within them. They go about their lives without the knowledge of this potential within them; therefore, their light grows dimmer over time. Others with this light grow corrupt, their light getting darker.

But there are those with this light that discover it and learn to use it to defend their homes and their friends. These people are called Sehashi. It is a word that is both the singular and plural form in one of the most ancient languages in the galaxy and means ‘shinning light’. These warriors protect their homes from the forces of Chaos.

Guided and trained by the spirits of sehashi warriors that have gone before them, these warriors of the shinning light have guarded and protected the galaxy for eons.

News and Updates

September 17, 2018: I recently had the opportunity to bring the three completed books with me to SaskExpo this past weekend where they sold reasonably well. The e-books have been selling extremely well at Smashwords so this makes me super happy. I still have some copies left of each book if anyone wants to buy any.