City Information
Population: 25,000
Postal Code: T1L 1E0
Area Code: 403
Location: The city of Elysium Valley is located within the Canadian Rockies in the province of Alberta. The city is near the Alberta-British Colombia border in the western part of Banff National Park.

The major feature of Elysium Valley , the man made Ching Tu River, connects Lake Louise to the Bow River . The city is located beside the Trans-Canada Highway, roughly 10 kilometers south of the Canada 1/Alberta 93 highway interchange. It is approximately 2 hours from Calgary.

Airport: Elysium Valley International Airport (YYV/CYYV) is located to the south east of the city. The airport has three terminals. Terminals 1 and 2 are connected to each other via the Canada Border Services Agency arrivals hall.

Terminal 1 is the international terminal. All flights from outside Canada arrive and depart from here, including flights from the United States

Terminal 2 is a separate building and is the base for domestic flights. All flights within Canada arrive and depart from Terminal 2.

The terminals are connected by a bus, Airside T2 to Groundside T1. The bus is operated by the Elysium Valley based airline, Azure Air. This airport is seen as a cheaper option to landing in Calgary or Edmonton, and often serves as the alternate airport for Calgary.

Azure Air's livery consists of a dragon painted on the body of the aircraft so that the first and second passenger windows appear to be eyes.

The airport is connected to the Downtown and Spring Glades districts of Elysium Valley by public transport buses, and a less frequent intercity bus service to Calgary.

City Transit Information: Elysium Valley's public transport system consists primarily of a subway system with buses to compliment it. The subway is made up of four lines, crossing each other to form a fifth loop line around the Downtown Core. The logo of the subway system is a gold dragon with a train and tracks flowing from its open mouth.

North (Black) Line: Elysium Apartments/University - north side of Downtown - Industrial Sector
South (Red) Line: West Side - South side of Downtown - Ambrosia Heights
East (Blue) Line: Business Sector - East side of downtown - NE Corner (near Elysium Valley High)
West (White) Line: Tir Na Nog - West side of downtown - Ching Tu Heights/Shrine
Loop (Gold) Line: Loops around the Downtown Core
The White Tiger bus network connects the mid and end points of the lines together and links the places not served by the subway to Downtown. White Tiger also runs a shuttle bus service within the downtown subway loop.

The train station located in the Downtown Core is owned by Serpent Rail. Serpent Rail runs intercity trains from Elysium Valley south into Montana , Idaho , Washington and Oregon , west to Vancouver and east to Calgary . Amtrak and VIA Rail also run service to Testudo Station. Elysium Valley 's rail tracks runs south from Jasper, Alberta , east to Calgary and south to Shelby , Montana via the border crossing at Sweetgrass , Montana.

The city itself is only fourty years old, but it has a large population. When the city was under construction, the founders gave lots of incentive for people and businesses to set up there and now the economy is thriving. No one has seen or heard from the mysterious founders in years, not since the first Mayor was elected.

The Ching Tu River flows through the valley. It’s a man-made river. Rumor has it that one of the city founders made it, but no one really knows for sure who did or what its purpose is. It does serve as a natural boundary point.

River North Side
The north side of the city is primarily made up of parks, recreational areas, and upper middle class housing areas and upper to wealthy class housing areas. Its main features are:

The Shinto Shrine –
The shrine is fairly new, constructed by a Japanese family that emigrated from Kyoto ten years ago. Presently, it’s run by an elderly couple and their granddaughter.

Elysium Valley High –
An elite private school. Scholarships are given to students based on academic achievement or sports skill. Many students want to go there, as it looks good on job résumés and university applications. Most students, however, pay their own way because their families can afford it. They have a strict dress code and all students must wear the school’s uniform. Very little jewelry or deviation is permitted. The Industrial Sector –
The only things here are factories and warehouses Ching Tu Private School –
The most exclusive school in Elysium Valley, it ranges from Kindergarten up to grade twelve. They also use a uniform. The students are all from wealthy families. It’s joked about that they require you to take a blood test before they’ll admit you to see if your blood is blue enough. Paradise Park –
A very popular hangout and the biggest park in the city. It boasts an amusement park, an outdoor theater for plays, an outdoor pool, hiking and ski paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas. River Valley Hospital –
The city’s only hospital

River South Side
The majority of the city’s businesses are here are the rent is lower and more people live down there. The housing is generally more affordable, though some areas are a little rundown. Its main features are:

Stargazer University – A fairly small university comparatively speaking, it’s gained popularity in recent years for its low tuition and small class size. Some of the dorms on campus have reputations for having strange things happen there. Khun-Lun High School –
The city’s public high school Tir na Nog Junior High –
The public junior high school West Side Elementary –
The public elementary school Elysium Apartments –
An area of apartment buildings with middle range rent. The rooms range from bachelor suites up to three bedrooms. West Side Housing District –
An area of row housing, fairly low rent. Two story houses with basements and up to five rooms Downtown Core –
Full of shopping malls, movie theaters, banks, the city’s phone company, some small businesses, and restaurants. The library is also located here. City Hall –
The first building completed, it stands near the downtown core with a good view of the river. Rumor has it that the building is haunted. Ambrosia Heights Housing District –
The most family friendly housing district. It consists of playgrounds, a small grocery store, a gas station, a movie rental store, single and duplex houses, a gym, a kiddie pool, and an indoor pool. Elysium Valley Business Sector –
All of the city’s major businesses are here except the phone company, which is downtown Spring Glades Park and Housing District –
The largest housing district with all different kinds of housing from bachelor apartments up to fourplex houses. It also contains a small movie theater, a splash park, a casino, several restaurants, hotels, and a small man made lake Rising Star University College –