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There's not a whole lot on these at the moment, but I'm slowly getting things on there that will help give you a better idea of what the characters are like.
Dionne Archer/Archer

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Music is an important part of how I view characters. It informs so much about them and their world and gives them added depth.
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Design Comparisons


Objective: Design one or more characters that will be a part of Chimera’s team. These characters will be the main focus of their own ‘Stars of Destiny’ story.

Requirements: Because they’re a team, they need to have the same basic look.

- Base colour must be navy
- Must have gloves or arm decoration of some sort
- Footwear is a must, no bare feet
- Give them an accessory. It doesn’t have to be the same as Chimera’s belt
- What kind of power does this character have/what is their element?
- What is their sehashi name?
- List three personality traits for them
I will be selecting at least three characters so the more the merrier. Full credit will be given to the creators in the book’s acknowledgements.

Rules: - Bases are allowed so long as you credit the base maker
- Don’t steal design ideas from somewhere else. Inspiration is one thing, but outright copying is not allowed
- Multiple submissions is encouraged

End date: May 01
Entries: None